How the COVID-19 Has Ushered In a “New Normal”

Cheng Ran, Untitled, photograph, 2012

Be The Best Or The Cheapest

Every crisis is a catalyst for change and helps refresh the market environment. Surely, this crisis won’t be an exception and will remove a huge number of businesses that are simply not good enough or cheap enough for their customers.

Less Globalization, More Localization

Many countries and organizations around the world have realized that distant supply chains might be hard to maintain in situations like this. The lack of access can harm businesses or even threaten human lives. In response, there will be a joint effort to move manufacturing outside of China and maintain strategic production inland.

Napalm, also known as Can’t Beat That Feeling by Banksy

Digital Life

Many of us started working from home due to social distancing regulations and because of additional restrictions soon after, we started meeting friends online and watching artists’ live performances online, among other activities. Though they’re late to the party, the majority has finally got their hands on Gen Z’s favorite online services and apps for e-life.

Lack Of Human Touch

During the pandemic, we’ve learned that some meetings can be scrapped in favor of emails, and even e-meetings have many advantages, with communication that can be as intimate and private as it is in real life. Enhanced virtual and augmented reality headsets will help push this new contactless world to the next level.

Arina Voronova’s Act of Love. Image: Courtesy of the artist

Monitoring & Surveillance

As a consequence of all the current security measures, which were adopted out of fear of an unknown and invisible enemy, there will be increasing pressure for more thorough monitoring of all citizens. People will demand early warning systems that can potentially prevent the death of thousands in the future.

Sculpture by the sea by Jakub Geltner (Aarhus, Denmark)


No matter where you are from or what your occupation is, the coronavirus crisis — the world’s first pandemic of modern times — will affect you in some way. We all will be touched by its consequences, and it will most likely transform the world as we know it. Change is inevitable.



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